Wednesday 20 January 2021
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Thoughts by the Sea

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Literature Poetry Thoughts by the Sea

A vast expanse of the glittering sea
Catching the sun’s rays flawlessly;
Adorning it itself with the colour of the sun,
Silently and gently flowing further down;
Against the orange sky, the radiant sun
Taking its bow, indicating the day is done.
Endowing the last of its light upon the sea,
The cemented buildings the last thing it sees.
I watch this from the horizon, now concrete encrusted;
My heart heavy, I think humans aren’t to be trusted.
We have been blessed with knowledge, blessed with a heart,
But now they are not to be seen as we tear the world apart.
We have worked so hard and achieved so much.
We seem the greatest of all, our progress is such.
But of what use is it if we lack emotions from the heart?
All our efforts will be nought if we tear each other apart.
We constantly dream of creating a better world;
We speak of it for hours, we ensure that we are heard.
But do we ever do anything to implement it?
Can I, a ‘child’, do anything to help?
I write these words, hoping to be heard,
But I want to do much more, I’m too a citizen of this world.
As I take in the beauty all around me,
The sun’s winking rays are the first thing I see.
I am no longer filled with the usual dread
Of seeing the Earth and its elements dead.
I am determined to do my part — my teacher once told me,
“One action starts a chain reaction, you see.”
I take a last look at the setting sun;
The glass-like sea catching the colour of the sun;
The serene and simplistic beauty warms my being;
I dearly hope it’s not the last bit of beauty I’ll see.

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Srinitya Duvvuri
Student of the 10th grade awaiting her results, training in Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam, blogger


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