Friday 30 October 2020

‘This is a Muslim country’: Woman throws Ganesha idols on floor at Bahrain supermarket

The video shows the burqa-clad woman throwing Ganpati idols kept at the store's shelf on the floor one-by-one inside a store in Bahrain

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A video of a woman Burqa in Bahrain supermarket has created quite a flutter. The video shows the burqa-clad woman throwing Ganpati idols kept at the store’s shelf on the floor one-by-one. The incident was reported from a supermarket in the Juffair neighbourhood of Bahrain’s capital Manama, where the woman was filmed throwing the idols one by one.

In the video, which is now being shared on social media, the Muslim woman can be seen standing near an aisle, close to where idols of Hindu God Ganpati are kept on the display. The Muslim woman then picks up the idols and begins throwing those up one by one, following which the idols shatter into pieces. In the video, the woman can also be heard yelling at an attendant at the shop in Arabic.

The whole incident was recorded on camera by another woman at the store. The incident comes days ahead of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

Raising objections to the Ganpati idols being sold in a Muslim-dominant country, the Muslim woman in the video can be heard saying “this is Mohamed ben Issa‘s country, do you think he approved of this?”

“This is a Muslim country, correct?” the woman is heard saying to the man in the shop. “Let us see who will worship these statues. Call the cops,” the other woman says.

The video was later posted on social media.

The Bahrain Police, meanwhile, took prompt legal action against the woman who broke the Ganpati idols into pieces. The accused woman has been charged with disrespecting religious sentiments and rituals of a community, sources said.

The development was confirmed by the Bahrain Ministry of Interior, that issued a statement and said, “Concerning a circulated video on social media, the Director-General of Capital Governorate Police announced on Sunday that a woman, 54, was summoned for intentionally damaging a shop in Juffair and breaking religious idols. Legal proceedings are being taken to refer the case to the Public Prosecution”.

Some Twitter users also appealed for calm and pleaded to not judge Bahrain based on incident. 

“Dear #Indians Don’t not go by what U saw on SM where a deranged lady vandalising a shop in #Juffair #Bahrain is one of the most progressive country. It has a Krishna temple which is over 200 yrs old This is one of the best country to live in the Middle East Indians are respected,” user MJ Augustine Vinod tweeted. 

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