Wednesday 25 May 2022
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The Kashmir Files’ goriest scene inspired by fate of Girija Tickoo

Siddhi Raina, whose aunt Girija Tickoo was raped and then sawed into two parts by Muslims, tells the incident that inspired a character in The Kashmir Files

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The sawing of the body of the character Sharda Pandit in The Kashmir Files is arguably the most disturbing scene in the film, but the true stories-inspired plot may have used the incident in one part of the Muslim-dominated valley in another. The horrifying fate of Sharda Pandit in the film was what Girija Tickoo, who was raped and killed in Kashmir, met with.

After the release of the movie, Girja Tickoo’s niece Siddhi Raina made a post on social media that went viral. Siddhi told her readers what had actually transpired with her aunt. She said that her family avoids recalling the terrible incident.

Two days after the release of The Kashmir Files, Siddhi wrote on Instagram, “The Kashmir Files has been released all over the world. The film depicts the terrible nights that not only mine but every Kashmiri Pandit’s family has lived. TW (triggered warning) rape, torture, murder. My father’s sister, Girija was a librarian at Tickoo University. She had gone to collect her paycheck. The bus she was coming from was stopped on the way. What happened after this makes me tremble, tears well up and I vomit to this day. My aunt was pushed into a taxi. There were five people in it and one was a colleague of my aunt.”

Siddhi further writes, “These people tortured her, raped her and killed her alive by sawing her body into two halves. Think of the brother who must have had to recognise his innocent Babli, who had nothing to do with this hypocritical fight. To date, I have not heard any member of my family talk about the incident. My father tells me that all the brothers are living in shame and resentment that nothing could be done to get justice for my Babli bua.”

Siddhi says that she is associated with the youth of Kashmir Pandit families through Koyouth where they their common past. “I request all of you to watch The Kashmir Files and also take your family and friends,” she wrote.

Muslims, leftist intellectuals and politicians are denying that the genocide of the Hindus of Kashmir ever happened.

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