Friday 27 May 2022
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The Kashmir Files gets endorsements fromYami Gautam, Suresh Raina, Venkatesh Prasad

Actress Yami Gautam, married to a Pandit, and cricketers Suresh Raina and Venkatesh Prasad have have urged the people via social media to watch The Kashmir Files

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Yami Gautam took to Twitter on 14 March and came out in support of The Kashmir Files. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, the film released in theatres on 11 March. The actress retweeted her director-husband Aditya Dhar’s emotional and requested the audience to watch and support the film. She also wrote ‘huge respects to Vivek Agnihotri, Anupam Kher and the entire team.’

After the release of The Kashmir Files, Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the film. Despite several controversies, The Kashmir Files is setting the box office on fire and has made everyone sit up and take notice of the film.

On 14 March, Yami Gautam retweeted her director-husband Aditya Dhar’s and wrote, “Being married to a Kashmiri Pandit, I know first hand of the atrocities that this peace-loving community has gone through. But majority of the nation is still unaware. It took us 32 years and a film to get to know the truth. Please watch and support #TheKashmirFiles. Huge respect to @AnupamPKher sir, @vivekagnihotri and the entire team (sic).”

Earlier today (14 March), Uri director Aditya Dhar shared an emotional note after watching The Kashmir Files. He also wrote that the emotion in the film is real and shared his experience.

He wrote, “You might have seen numerous videos of Kashmiri Pandits breaking down in the theatres after watching #TheKashmirFiles. The emotion is real. It shows how long we kept our pain and tragedy repressed as a community. We didn’t have any shoulder to cry on and no ear to hear our pleas. This film is a brave attempt to show our TRUTH! We were forced to keep this tragedy a secret. We tried moving on hoping that time will heal our wounds. But we were seriously wrong. The wounds still remain. Almost all of us till date are still suffering mentally, emotionally and even physically. It was not just the terrorism that killed so many, it was also what followed the migration. Hats off to our elders for bringing us up with so much dignity. Against all odds and atrocities, they made sure we get the best of education, and make our country proud.Being a filmmaker myself I couldn’t have made a better film than this on my own tragedy. Hats off to @vivekagnihotri & @AnupamPKherJi. (sic).”

The Kashmir Files is set in 1990 during the Kashmir insurgency. The film tells the true story of brutal sufferings endured by Kashmiri Pandits.

Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files hit the theatres this last Friday, and the film seems to have struck gold. In just three days, the film crossed the margin of INR 27.15 crores. 

It’s a story that is based on the exodus of Kashmiri pandits from the Kashmir valley in 1990. Such has been its’ success, that from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to former CSK batsman Suresh Raina, all have appreciated Vivek Agnihotri’s latest efforts. 

In fact, former Indian bowler Venkatesh Prasad also tweeted in appreciation of the film, which is trending big time. 

Raina was one of the first cricketers to tweet in favour of the film, sharing a video of a woman who was reduced to tears, at the official screening of the film, such was believed to be its impact. 

In recent days, the film completely appears to have lived up to its billing. Raina shared the emotional video, urging his fans to flock to the theatres to have a look at the film. 

“Presenting #TheKashmirFiles It’s your film now. If the film touches your heart, I’d request you to raise your voice for the #RightToJustice and heal the victims of Kashmir Genocide.@vivekagnihotri @AnupamPKher @AdityaRajKaul,” wrote Raina in his tweet.

Following in his footsteps, former Indian pacer Venkatesh Prasad also came up with a heartfelt for the film.

“When one feels, they have hit rock-bottom and can only rise from here, they invent ways to hit newer lows. A pity they choose to hurt sentiments of Kashmiri Pandits again. #KashmirFiles is an eye-opener and probably just a tip of the iceberg,” wrote Prasad on the micro-blogging website. 

Having a lead star cast of prominent actors like Anupam Kher, Darshan Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty and Pallavi Joshi, such has been the impact of ‘The Kashmir Files’ that it has been declared tax free in Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. 

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