Terrorists target most sacred Sufi dargah in Lahore; 9 including 5 cops killed

Terrorists in Pakistan have targeted some of the other dargahs, either of Barelvis or of Shias, since 2010


Lahore: Explosions near Lahore’s Sufi dargah Data Darbar on Wednesday morning has killed 9 people, including 5 policemen. About 26 people have been injured.

The condition of eight of the injured is serious. According to the police, terrorists targeted their jeep carrying cops of the security cordon of the area.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed condolence to the families of those killed in the attack.

The most sacred dargah in Lahore

The police are currently investigating what appears prima facie a suicide attack. Lahore Police Chief Ghaznafar Ali said that there were many people inside and outside the dargah at the time of the blast. He said that the number of dead could increase because most of the injured are in critical condition.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bahadar has instructed the inspector general of police to investigate the incident.

Data Darbar is located in the city of Lahore in the State of Punjab in Pakistan. It is the largest Sufi shrine in southern Asia. It was built to house the remains of Muslim mystic Abul Hassan Ali Hujwiri, commonly known as Data Ganj Baksh, who is believed to have lived at the place of the site in the 11th century AD.

The site is considered the most sacred place in Lahore and attracts up to one million visitors to its annual Urs festival.

Terrorists targeting dargahs

In 2010, two suicide bombers had blown themselves up in front of the same Data Darbar Dargah. Nearly 40 people were killed in the attack. Since then, police personnel have been deployed there to protect the dargah.

In 2016, the dargah of Khujdar city was targeted by the terrorists. In that attack, 50 people were killed and 102 were injured.

Quetta blast last month

Last month, 21 people were killed in a suicide attack on the Shia Hajra community in Quetta of the Balochistan province. There was a huge crowd in the market during the blast. About 50 people were injured in the incident of terror.