Thursday 28 October 2021
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‘Terrorists don’t arrive in India from moon; they come from Pakistan’

Ryszard Czarnecki of Poland's European Conservatives and Reformist Group spoke in EU Parliament in favour of India, 'the largest democracy'


New Delhi: Pakistan’s efforts to make Kashmir an international issue have suffered yet another setback. In Strasbourg, France, the European Union Parliament on Wednesday discussed the Kashmir issue for the first time in the last 11 years and extended its support to India while slamming Pakistan for sheltering and sponsoring terrorists who attacks on India from time to time. Kashmir had figured in the deliberation of the Parliament of EU for the last time in 2008.

There have been many attempts from Pakistan to raise this issue on the international stage. Pakistan has been reportedly planning to table the proposal at the 42nd meeting of the United Nations Human Council in Geneva to be held between 9 September and 27 September.

Italy, Poland slam Pakistan for sheltering terrorists

The EU Parliament has asked India and Pakistan to negotiate directly to find a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue. Fulvio Martusciello of the European People’s Party of Italy said, “Pakistan has threatened the use of nuclear weapons.” Pakistan is a place that enables terrorists to plan attacks in Europe, he said.

Ryszard Czarnecki of Poland’s European Conservatives and Reformist Group said, “India is the largest democracy in the world. We need to investigate terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir of India. These terrorists do not come from the moon. They come from a neighbouring country. We support India on the matter.”

Ryszard Czarnecki of Poland's European Conservatives and Reformist Group
Ryszard Czarnecki of Poland’s European Conservatives and Reformist Group speaking in EU Parliament in India’s favour

The European Union, an important forum for nations to present their viewpoints on varied issues to nearly the whole of in one go, discussed the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir by India and the situation thereafter.

Pakistani diplomacy clearly did not work here. However, their failure to get support even on the platform of the EU Parliament notwithstanding, the Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qasuri said, “Twenty-three MPs of the EU have expressed their concern over human violations in Kashmir.”

The issue has been vexing Pakistan since the special status was lifted from the former state of Jammu and Kashmir, which has been turned into a union territory temporarily. Pakistan has ended several treaties with India unilaterally, with each step pushing the impoverished Islamic state further to penury.

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