Sunday 23 January 2022
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Terrorists attack police party in Bandipora, Kashmir; 2 cops killed

Unidentified terrorists attacked a police party in Jammu and Kashmir's Bandipora today, killing two cops who succumbed to their injuries while being treated

Unidentified terrorists killed two cops, attacking a police party in Gulshan Chowk of northern Kashmir’s District Bandipora this afternoon. Witnesses said that they had heard indiscriminate gunfire at Gulshan Chowk of Bandipora. Soon after the gunfire, they said, two police personnel fell on the ground with bullet injuries.

Inspector General (IG) Kashmir Police Vijay Kumar told reporters that the two cops received bullets when militants attacked the police party.

They were moved to a nearby hospital for in a critical condition, the officer added.

However, both the policemen, identified as Mohd. Sultan and Fayaz Ahmad, succumbed to their injuries, Kashmir Zone Police tweeted.

“They had suffered multiple bullet wounds, and were brought dead to the hospital. The injuries indicate they had died on the spot,” said the MS district hospital Bandipora, Dr Mushtaq. The multiple bullet injuries were in parts of their abdomen and chest, he said.

A police spokesman also confirmed the deaths. He identified the slain cops as SgCT Mohd Sultan and Ct Fayaz Ahmad.

Immediately after the attack, the area was cordoned off and a hunt launched to catch the terrorists.

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