Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaTerrorists attack CRPF base in Kashmir with grenades

Terrorists attack CRPF base in Kashmir with grenades

While the nation is celebrating Chhoti Diwali, six Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were injured in a terrorist attack on the Karan Nagar police station in Srinagar. According to a news agency, at around 6.50 PM on Saturday, terrorists attacked the Karan Nagar police station in Srinagar with a grenade.

Six soldiers of the 144th battalion of CRPF were injured in this attack by the terrorists. All of them were sent to the for treatment.

Following the attack by terrorists, the security forces retaliated. Firing continued from both sides for about 15 min. Security forces surrounded the entire area and started a search operation.

According to another agency report, the attack took place when the CRPF team was present at a checkpoint. The explosion of the grenade caused panic among civilians on the spot. Security forces fired in the air first and then retaliated.

An officer said that the personnel of the 144th Corps of CRPF had created a checkpoint at Kak Sarai. Terrorists lobbed grenades at the blockade. A grenade fell on the soldiers and exploded with a loud bang. Following the blast when the CRPF started retaliatory firing, the terrorists fled, firing at the security personnel, albeit aimlessly. The jawans exercised restraint in view of the crowd of ordinary citizens in the area.

As soon as the grenade attack was reported, the state police and CRPF officials also reached the spot with their teams. An operation was launched to catch the terrorists while making arrangements to take the injured CRPF men to a nearby. Officials said the condition of two of the injured soldiers was critical.

Reward declared on terrorists

The Indian Army has intensified its against terrorists. Doda police have announced Rs 15 lakh to catch Hizb ul Mujahideen terrorist Haruna Wani alive or dead. Kishtwar police have declared a reward of Rs 30 lakh on the three terrorists still holed up in the district.

Recently, terrorists had issued an edict to local apple growers in Kashmir to refrain from their business activities. Despite this, local farmers went ahead with transporting their produce to the wholesale markets. About six lakh metric tonnes of apples have been exported from Kashmir. This has led to desperate terrorists threatening and thrashing apple growers in the Valley besides killing truck drivers from three other states and also an apple trader. A truck driver and an apple trader have been injured in the terror attacks.

The terrorists killed two truck drivers in the Chitrigam area of ​​Shopian last Thursday. Joint contingents of police, Army and central paramilitary forces have been instructed to carry out search operations in various areas of southern Kashmir.

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