Saturday 16 October 2021
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Terrorist strike averted: Delhi Police explains Pakistani’s arrest

Mohammed Ashraf has revealed his involvement in several terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir and other places in India, the police said


Delhi Police said today the Pakistani terrorist arrested yesterday had been living in the country for more than a decade using a false Indian identity.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Pramod Kushwaha said the initial investigation had revealed the Pakistani’s role as a sleeper cell operative to orchestrate subversive activities.

Police arrested the Pakistani, identified as Ashraf, from Laxmi Nagar in Delhi on 11 October. A major terrorist strike was thus averted, police said.

“He has revealed his involvement in several terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir and other places in India. Lately, he was tasked to carry out terrorist activities, the place was not mentioned. He has been trained by Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence). We are trying to identify his other associates,” the senior police officer said.

“It is coming to light that in the past too he was involved in terror activities. ISI handler with code name Nasir recruited him and was giving him instructions. We have averted a major terrorist strike,” Kushwaha said.

“He was sent through the Siliguri border via Bangladesh. His handler from Pakistan had tasked him (to carry out terror operations). He had earlier also disguising as ‘Peer Maulana’ in and around Delhi,” the senior officer said.

“He got several ids made, one such was under the name of Ahmed Noori. He had acquired an Indian passport too, travelled to Thailand and Saudi Arabia. He married an Indian woman in Ghaziabad for documents and had acquired Indian id from Bihar,” he further said.

Meanwhile, the owner of the house from where Ashraf used to stay in Delhi said they would cooperate with the police. “He lived here for six months. My father got his Aadhaar Card made for documentation. After he left, we were not in touch with him. If needed, we will cooperate with the police,” said the man, Uzaib.

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