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Terrorism in Morocco: Assassination of a French woman in broad daylight

Terrorism in Morocco: Assassination of a French woman in broad daylight

A chilling statement. Last Saturday, Christiane F., a French septuagenarian, succumbed to blows inflicted on her in the Tiznit market near Agadir in Morocco. The suspect, a 31-year-old man, also injured a Belgian national. Following is what we know about the case of terrorism.

Originally from Muy, in the Var, Christiane F spent part of the year, for twenty years, in Morocco. In a motorhome, she travelled the roads of the country with her husband, according to information from our colleagues from Var Matin. Before she became a of Islamic terrorism, she was staying at a campsite in Tiznit with a few friends, details France Television, who was able to speak with sources close to the investigation. Saturday, she was attacked in the early afternoon on the market, with a butcher’s sheet.

“My mum used to go alone to a newsagent five minutes walk from the campsite near the town market. That’s where she crossed paths with this unbalanced” says her daughter, Stella, in the columns of the Parisian.

The man suspected of attacking Christiane F was arrested this evening after being identified. His name is Ali Boujouham and he has an empty criminal record, according to Moroccan magazine L’Observateur.

According to France Télévisions, the man driven to terrorism says he was “possessed by the devil” and has been interned in the Ar-Razi psychiatric hospital in Salé since Tuesday. From 25 September to 25 2021, he was a patient at a mental asylum, according to the Moroccan police.

Thanks to video surveillance extracts, a link could be established between the attack on Christiane F and the attack on a Belgian national, who was injured.

The same day, a hundred kilometres from Tiznit, the suspect injured another woman. This was a 67-year-old Belgian national, whom he injured with a knife. She was hospitalised but she is out of danger, according to the doctors heard by the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office, which spoke in a press release. This woman is from the Mons region but lives in Morocco.

The investigation was entrusted to the Moroccan anti-terrorist police. Given the profile of the victims, a “terrorist motive for the crime” is suspected. The French national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office also opened an investigation into the case on Wednesday.

The French Embassy in Morocco has, on its website, “recommended to be vigilant in all public places and when travelling in Morocco”. The Belgian federal prosecutor’s office also opened a file for “attempted assassination in a terrorist context” on Thursday.

Translated by Surajit Dasgupta from Ladepeche


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