Sunday 26 June 2022
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Tejas Express: Cashback for delay, insurance to all, gifts for 1st timers

Tejas Express is the first train operated by a private company; the Railway Board is considering running such trains on other routes as well

The passengers of IRCTC‘s -Lucknow Tejas Express will be compensated for the in the train. The railway subsidiary gave this information on Tuesday. It said that an amount of Rs 100 would be paid for a delay of more than one hour while a cashback of Rs 250 will be given for a delay of more than two hours.

The train will begin plying from 4 October onwards.

Tejas offers Rs 25 lakh worth free insurance

Apart from the cashback, passengers of this train will be given free insurance of Rs 25 lakh, too. There is a provision also of of Rs 1,00,000 for a case of loot or theft of goods during the journey.

Gift, lunch on first Tejas trip

is trying to ensure that a journey on Tejas would be memorable for the passengers. The IRCTC management has decided that on 4 October, all passengers travelling for the first time in Tejas will be served lunch along with breakfast while IRCTC is charging only the breakfast fare.

The first passengers will get a gift each so that this trip remains memorable.

Specialities of this train

The Tejas Express is the first train operated by a private company. The Railway Board is considering running such trains on other routes as well. The Tejas train is supervised by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Premium services and facilities will be provided to the passengers in Tejas.

This train will open from New at 3.35 PM and reach Lucknow on the same day at 10.05 PM. This train will run six days a week. 82502/82501 Tejas Express will run between New Delhi and Lucknow six days a week except for Tuesday.

The train will have facilities like aircraft for personal LCD entertainment-cum-information screen, onboard Wi-Fi service, comfortable seats, mobile charging, personal reading lights, modular bio-toilet and sensor tape fittings.

Fifty-three trains including Swarn Shatabdi are currently operating on the Lucknow- route. However, there is no service to the capital in the state capital Lucknow. The train running from Ahmedabad to can be started soon after Lucknow- Tejas Express. A total of 758 passengers will be able to travel on this train. The train will have an executive class air-conditioned chair car, with 56 seats and 9 air-conditioned chair cars with 78 seats each.

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