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Tej Pratap indicates who all are behind Yadav family feud

RJD chief Lalu Prasad's son and former Bihar Health Minister Tej Pratap believes these relatives and aides are trying to separate him from the family


Patna: RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son and former Bihar Health Minister Tej Pratap Yadav is feeling the pain of being cut off from the family after resigning from the student wing of the party recently. He believes some people are playing a role in separating him from the family. They are relatives and they dominate the family, he says.

But Tej Pratap has now made up his mind to fight for his survival. In a conversation with Lokmat News, he said he considered Tejashwi Yadav “Arjun” and he would always stand by his younger brother as “Krishna” did in the Mahabharata. But Tejashwi is “being misled”.

When asked if he had been completely isolated from his family, Tej Pratap said his mother would always be a mother and that she could never be far from him. He said Tejashwi was like “Arjun” and he would protect his younger brother I like “Krishna”.

Tej Pratap almost reveals the names

The problem, Tej Pratap said, is that some mischievous elements have entered his family that want to break the house. “But I will not let them succeed,” he said.

Tej said that the “destruction of all who come between me and my family is certain”. He said Tejashwi was being misled. “They all know who is taking such decisions these days,” he added.

On being asked who was causing a rift in the family, Tej Pratap said, “They all know and I have also told them who the people are (implicating Sanjay, Mani and Vipin). Tej wants Tejashwi’s aides Om Prakash, Mani Bhushan and Mani Yadav to be kept out of the RJD campaign. Om Prakash and Mani Bhushan are cousins of the feding siblings while Mani Yadav is the secretary of Tejashwi. Vipin is the secretary of Tej Pratap’s father-in-law Chandrika Rai.

There is a state of turmoil in the house, Tej said. “I have told this on many occasions at home but do not know why people are not able to understand it. But I am confident that soon the game will unravel and they will be out of the house.”

Tej was asked whether he had had a conversation with father Lalu Prasad. He said, “I go to meet him and always get his blessings. He is always with me and will stay so forever.”

“People spread various rumours. It makes no difference to him. He is now leaving Misa Bharti’s and his foremost mission is to secure a win for her in the election,” Tej said about his father.

Tej is upset with the distribution of tickets by the RJD leadership as those who are connected to the party belong to the struggling class. They are dedicated to the party, he said, adding that they should have been given the tickets.

Rather, Tej said, the party has given tickets to lightweight leaders. “I asked for a ticket for Chandra Prakash from Jahanabad and for Angesh from Shivar. They are completely devoted to the party. But they were not given tickets,” Tej Pratap cribbed. “The party side-lined them,” he said.

Tej Pratap said Tejashwi must consider the Sheohar candidate once. He claimed that Syed Faisal Ali was a BJP mole and the people of the area are protesting as a result.

Tej Pratap said that if his younger brother did not accept his demand, his candidates from Jehanabad and Sheohar would be fielded independently. “We had demanded two seats from the party, but Tejashwi did not consider it,” he said.

Repeated allusions to his godhood

Tej Pratap is all set to against the RJD’s official candidates to win the constituencies above. He said Tejashwi was surrounded by wrong people. “I am not against mother (Rabri Devi) or my younger brother. My Sudarshan Chakra will kill the enemies one day.”

The elder son of Lalu Prasad was asked whether he would contest against his father-in-law. He said the RJD candidate from Saran would not for Rai, but Tej Pratap would adopt a strategy that he wouldn’t reveal at the moment.

Tej Pratap is angry because it is his “family’s seat”. Lalu Prasad won this seat; then mother Rabri Devi contested from there. He said while his father was debarred from contesting elections, the traditional RJD stronghold should not have been squandered away.

Tej Pratap Yadav on Tuesday announced the election by blowing a conch shell at his residence in Patna. He urged his mother to join hands in the election field. “If this does not happen, I will contest as an independent candidate and will do my best to win it,” he said.

On the “Laloo-Rabri Morcha”, Tej Pratap said if the party did not accept his demand, he would field 20 candidates in Bihar. “I have decided it although I have not announced it officially,” he said.

“I have no intention of making a separate party. At all times, I wish to strengthen the RJD,” Tej Pratap concluded.

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