Wednesday 26 January 2022
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Teacher in India asks students to memorise national anthems of Pakistan, Bangladesh

The issue of teaching the national anthem of Pakistan and Bangladesh to small children of LKG and UKG in school is now catching up

A teacher from a in Ghatshila, Jharkhand, gave her students homework to memorise the national anthems of Pakistan and Bangladesh, not India. This teacher of Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir went on impart lessons on the national symbols of the two Islamic republics to her students. Many parents protested before the school management.

No prices for guessing the religion of the teacher Shaila Parveen!

What is shocking, the management was found complicit in the act. It distributed the task of memorising the national anthems of India, Pakistan and among the students of LKG and UKG divided into three different groups. Parents say they will not allow their children to learn the national anthems of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

This was an online assignment at Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir in Ghatshila on 7 and 8 July. This school, just like others across the country, are closed due to the nationwide lockdown imposed to check the spread of coronavirus. Schools are supposed to open in the last phase of what is now being called the “unlock” series of phasing out the lockdown.

To ensure ostensibly that her agenda is fulfilled, the teacher shared the national anthems of Pakistan and Bangladesh in the Whatsapp group for the class. She added videos from YouTube to remind the students how the national anthems of the said neighbouring countries are supposed to be rendered.

Following the furore by the parents and the rest of the local society, the management has withdrawn the task.

Shaila Parveen told the she had given the task to the children on the instructions of the management.

The state administration, pleading or feigning ignorance, said no complaint had been lodged in this matter. Jitendra Kumar, the district education officer, East Singhbhum, said if a was pressuring students to learn the anthems of foreign nations, “it is absolutely wrong”.

The official clarified that the rules neither mandate nor allow schools to teach the national anthems of Pakistan and Bangladesh. He promised action against those guilty — provided parents lodge the complaint formally. The teacher meanwhile is blaming the principal for this.

The management says they have withdrawn the task. People have demanded action against the teacher, calling the management insensitive. They demand action against the school.

As a drowning man catching a straw, the management now claims they wanted to enhance the general knowledge of children. They say they did not know this would become a big issue.

While Pakistan is clearly a country hostile to India, Hindu minorities are persecuted in with impunity.

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