TDP leader S Bhaskar Reddy 2
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Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh: Violent clashes were reported from several places during the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday. According to one such report, TDP leader S Bhaskar Reddy died following a violent clash between workers of YSRCP and TDP in the Tadipatri town of Anantapur district.

There has been a violent clash between supporters of YSRCP and TDP while voting was on also in Puthalpattu of Bandarpally.

A video of the clash between the workers of the two parties has surfaced, in which the supporters of both the parties are seen fighting in a gruesome manner with one another.

According to the report, a dispute over voting in the constituency heightened to an extent where the followers of Jaganmohan Reddy and N Chandrababu Naidu bayed for the blood of one another.

The police had to take recourse to lathi charge on the workers.

In other parts of the State, YSRCP workers were at the receiving end of violence.

The situation in Kurnool was equally bad.

News agency ANI has reported that “A YSRCP worker has been taken to a hospital after he was injured in a clash which broke out between YSRCP and TDP workers at a polling station in Jammalamadugu Mandal of Kadapa district today”.

The news agency reported further about another part of Andhra Pradesh: “A clash broke out between workers of TDP and YSRCP at a polling station in Srinivasapuram Village of Gurajala assembly constituency in Guntur district.”

Assembly elections are being held in Andhra Pradesh simultaneously with 91 Lok Sabha seats in 20 States of the country.

In Andhra Pradesh, Jaganmohan Reddy’s party YSRCP is contesting without any alliance this time. It is in a tough contest with Chandrababu Naidu’s party of the tentative mahagathbandhan.

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