Monday 18 October 2021
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Tatkal ticket for Railways: New timings for booking, rules, fares

Know when an agent can sell you a Tatkal ticket and when he cannot, when the bookings open for which class, how the fares change with distance, etc from here


New Delhi: Indian Railways offers different types of ticket booking. One of these is for the passengers who have to travel suddenly: the Tatkal service. Railways provide immediate ticket facility for them. According to IRCTC’s official website, Tatkal is available on payment of a premium fee on the first-come-first-serve basis immediately.

You ought to pay 10% of the basic fare extra for the second class. For all other classes, you pay 30% of the basic fare as the premium fee.

Tatkal tickets are one day before the actual date of the journey for non-AC classes at 11 AM. For the air-conditioned (AC) classes, the counter opens every day at 10 AM—even for a journey on that very day.

The Railways has made some changes in the time of booking of Tatkal tickets. From 7 May (Tuesday) onwards, tickets are available at 19 stations from 11:30 AM onwards rather than from 11 AM onwards.

IRCTC ticket agents or web agents cannot book an immediate ticket between 10 AM to 12:00 PM; that is prohibited.

When booking a Tatkal ticket, the passenger needs furnish an identity proof. And this identification proof must be carried during the journey.

Under Tatkal tickets, only four passengers can be on a given PNR (passenger name record) number. According to Indian Railways, confirmed tickets under Tatkal cannot be cancelled.

Tatkal fares

The minimum extra fare for the second class on ticket booking via IRCTC is Rs 10, not exceeding Rs 15 even in situations of utmost urgency as per the law.

For the sleeper class, the minimum extra fare is Rs 90 and the maximum fare is Rs 175.

For AC Chair Class, it’s extra Rs 100, with the maximum extra fare being Rs 200.

It’s Rs 250 extra for AC 3 Tier going up to Rs 350.

It’s a minimum extra of Rs 300 for AC 2 Tier, with the maximum fare being Rs 400.

For executives, the minimum extra fare is Rs 300 and the maximum is Rs 400.

But the fares above are subjected to revisions based on the distance one travels.

For a distance of 100 km through the Railway Reservation Center booking, the minimum extra fare is Rs 10, with the maximum being Rs 15.

For the sleeper class, the minimum extra fare is of Rs 100 for a distance of up to 500 km and the maximum is Rs 200.

At a distance of 250 km for AC Chair Class, the minimum extra fare is Rs 125 and the maximum is Rs 225.

From 500 km onwards for AC 3-Tier class, it’s a minimum extra fare of Rs 300 and a maximum of Rs 400.

For AC 2 Tier, in the 500 km category, the minimum extra fare is Rs 400 rupees and the maximum is Rs 500.

The 500 km slab in the executive class has the extra charge of a minimum of Rs 250 and a maximum extra fare of Rs 400.

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