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Taliban warns world of threats if regime not recognised

The Taliban spokesman said the regime would not take responsibility of averting threats to other countries unless the global community recognised them


The world must recognize the outfit if they do not want to receive any threat from Afghanistan, the Taliban has warned the international community. Speaking at a press conference on 30 October, Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said they must be recognized as a responsible side, Khaama Press news agency reported.

In a statement that appeared as a possible warning, Mujahid stated the Taliban will not take any responsibility to avert threats to other countries until and unless they are recognized by the international community. He said that recognition is a bilateral need.

“We fought the US because they did not recognize us in the past. If the Taliban is not recognized, it will only increase problems in Afghanistan, the region and the world,” said Mujahid.

He further claimed that the Taliban has completed all preconditions of their recognition and the world will recognize them “one way or the other.”

Mujahid asked all the countries to activate their diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.

Two months have passed since the outfit took over Afghanistan. 

Aside from a handful of countries including Pakistan and China, no other country has shown any keenness to increase engagement with the Taliban.

The rest of the international community is observing the rights situation in the country and are focused on curtailing the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Amid questions on the recognition of the Islamic Emirate, the Taliban’s diplomats has started working in Afghanistan’s missions in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the European Union is also seeking to reopen its diplomatic mission in in months’ time as the bloc is looking to enhance its engagement with the new Taliban government.

The 27-member bloc will return to the capital city of Kabul as Brussels seeks to co-ordinate aid efforts and the continued of some Afghans, UK-based newspaper Financial Times (FT) reported.

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