Tuesday 21 September 2021
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Taliban terrorists whip Afghan women for protesting against government

The Taliban had promised to put on a 'moderate' face this time, with the new rulers vowing to respect women's rights in accordance with Islam

Taliban terrorists reportedly used whips against Afghan women protesting the new rulers in the war-torn nation, as the recently-announced hardline regime vowed to restrict any resistance to its rule. According to the news channel, CNN, videos and images received from a protest site in Kabul on 8 September showed the Taliban militants ferociously whipping women to break up a protest against the hardline all-male cabinet announced a day prior.

Afghan women had assembled in Kabul on 8 September to boldly challenge the Taliban rule. This was the largest such protest since the militants assumed power. Observers believe the brutal crackdown is about sending a message about how things will be under the new regime.

“They (the Taliban) hit with whips and they tell us to go to our homes and recognise and accept the Emirate,” a present at Wednesday’s protest said in a video posted by CNN. “Why should we accept the Emirate while no inclusion or rights have been given to us?”

Several journalists covering the protests were reported to have been assaulted in a similar manner.

Marcus Yam, a journalist with The Los Angeles Times confirmed that Taliban terrorists were ready to strike protesters with whips. He said on Twitter: “While some tried to put their hands on me, there was one terrorist that kept interfering and at one point muttered ‘foreigner’. There were others standing around with their whips ready.”

Notably, the Taliban had promised to put on a more “moderate” face this time, with the new rulers vowing to respect women’s rights in accordance with Islamic law. However, with the announcement of a new hardline regime, reports suggest that the Taliban have gone back to their usual ways.

A video shared by Afghan journalist Zahra Rahimi, a correspondent for Tolo News, on Twitter showed a Taliban terrorist ferociously cracking a whip against a present at the protest. The clip was shared multiple times on the social media platform by public personalities, who pointed out that the new Taliban regime was just as “barbaric” as the previous one and that all the promises of a ‘moderate’ regime were just a sham.

UN warns of ‘incredible fear’ among Afghan women

Notably, the United Nations warned on 8 September that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the subsequent position of the new rulers on women’s rights have generated an “incredible fear” across the country. “The lack of clarity of the Taliban’s position on women’s rights has generated incredible fear,” said Alison Davidian, a senior UN official. “And this fear is palpable across the country.”

Pointing out that there were daily reports of the Taliban imposing restrictions on the rights of women, she said that the new rule is reminiscent of the previous Taliban regime in the 1990s when the Islamist rulers forbade women from working jobs or receiving education.

The UN official said that women are being prevented from leaving their homes without a male relative, and in many other provinces, they are being forced to stop working. Protection centers for women fleeing violence and safe houses for women’s rights activists, already at a full capacity, are also being targeted, she said.

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