Monday 27 September 2021
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Taliban terrorists rape, beat gay man in Kabul after promise of help to escape Afghanistan

Men from Afghanistan's secret gay community told reporters that they were 'living a nightmare' in fear of their future under the Taliban rule

A group of terrorists of the Taliban raped and beat a man after waylaying him with the promise that they would help him escape Afghanistan. Rauf (name changed) had been speaking to somebody using a social platform. The stranger promised to help him find a safe passage out of Afghanistan.

Many from the LGBTQ community are desperately trying to flee the war-ravaged country following the Taliban conquest of most parts of Afghanistan and especially Kabul on 15 August.

Rauf met the stranger, relying on the promise of the latter, in Kabul after chatting for three weeks online. The stranger was, however, acting on the behest of the Taliban.

When Rauf met the man, he was in a group. They raped and beat him, Afghan LGBTQ rights activist Artemis Akbary told ITV. Akbary said that Taliban terrorists were likely to do this with other non-straight Afghans. “They’ll make a profile account and deceive LGBT+ people by pretending they’re a member of the community,” he said.

Men from Afghanistan’s secret community spoke to some reporters recently, where they said they were “living a nightmare” in fear of their future under the Taliban rule.

During the previous stint of the Taliban, the terrorists eliminated many men after holding kangaroo courts in open places, invoking the Shari’ah, the Islamic code. In July, Bild reported in that a Taliban judge had pledged to sentence men to death by stoning or crushing them under a 9-foot wall.

Sources in Afghanistan said that the Taliban used to lure men to their deaths through social even during the previous governments. “Social media was basically used by the government to create honey traps to bait and bisexual men,” LGBTQ activist Nemat Sadat told Insider.

“National security officials would make fake profiles and go on Grindr and different Facebook groups and say ‘hey look, I really want to meet you’ and then basically would take them out and kill them and then throw away their body.”

“And this wasn’t under the Taliban. This was under Ashraf Ghani and Hamid Karzai,” he said.

Afghan author and rights activist Hamid Zaher said that gay people would often vanish after meeting up with men they had talked to via social media, who turned out to be government officials in disguise. He warned that the Taliban were likely to use the same tactics. “If the Taliban don’t close Facebook or other apps, like Grindr, they will also use them to arrest people,” he added.

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