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Taliban signs peace deal with US in Qatar

'This is a better chance for the people of Afghanistan to shape their future,' US President Donald Trump said, or so the Taliban has persuaded him to believe



The US and Taliban have signed a historic agreement in Qatar to restore peace in Afghanistan. The agreement would end the longest American war in Afghanistan. A 31-member Taliban delegation has arrived in Qatar to sign the historic agreement with the US.

The peace agreement between the two sides was signed in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Earlier, President Donald Trump had said today the United States and the Taliban would sign a landmark agreement to bring lasting peace to war-torn Afghanistan.

If the conditions are right, American soldiers will return to their country within 14 months. More than eight thousand American soldiers are stationed there.

50 countries witness US-Taliban pact

Representatives of 50 countries, including India, witnessed the moments of the signing of the agreement. It is believed that in Doha, India and the Taliban can move towards each other, leaving old mutual animus. Foreign ministers of seven countries, including Pakistan, have been invited to attend the conciliation ceremony. The Government of Qatar, with the consent of both sides, extended the invitations.

This agreement will allow the withdrawal of 15,000 soldiers of the US and its allies trapped in the civil war of Afghanistan. On behalf of India, Indian Ambassador to Qatar P Kumaran is attending the ceremony.

The talks between the Taliban and the US had failed last year in September.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Doha said this was an important day. He said that Pakistan wanted the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. “The Taliban and the United States are moving towards a major settlement. This treaty will establish peace and stability in Afghanistan,” he said.

Trump upbeat

Trump made a statement: “Soon on my instructions, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will sign the deal with Taliban representatives.” He said that Defence Secretary Mark Opor would issue a joint declaration with the Government of Afghanistan.

The US president said if the Taliban and the Afghan government were to meet these commitments, it would pave the way for the war to end in Afghanistan and return the American troops to the US.

The US president said that about 19 years ago, American soldiers went to Afghanistan to root out the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks. He said, “Our brave members have paid a great price in Afghanistan for progress in Afghanistan. When I arrived at the president’s office, I promised the American people that I would bring American soldiers home and would like to end the war. We are making progress on our promise.”

Trump thanked the thousands of American warriors, who carried the dignity of America with his service in Afghanistan. He said, “We respect your service and the sacrifice of your families. This agreement is the result of the strenuous efforts of those who fought such a huge war in Afghanistan for the United States.”

Taliban assures US it’s no longer terrorist

President Trump said that the Taliban was free from al Qaidah, ISIS and other terrorist groups “that wanted to harm us”. Trump said, “We have killed many ISIS and al Qaidah terrorists.”

The US president said that this would be an important step towards lasting peace in Afghanistan. This is a better chance for the people of Afghanistan to shape their future. Or so the Taliban has persuaded him to believe!

How the US-Taliban deal would impact India


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