Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsWorldTaliban may capture Kabul in 90 days: US intelligence

Taliban may capture Kabul in 90 days: US intelligence

Foreign nations are ensuring that their diplomats leave Kabul quickly; international airlines have been asked to evacuate their staff amid the terrorists' offensive

As the resurgent terrorists of Taliban advance across Afghanistan it is speculated that the capital Kabul could possibly be isolated in in 30 days captured in 90, a US defence official cited US intelligence said.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity said this as per a new assessment of how long Kabul could stand the Taliban`s rapid gains as US-led foreign forces leave the country. “But this is not a foregone conclusion,” the official said though he claimed that the Afghan security forces could reverse the momentum if they put up more resistance.

United States State Department spokesman Ned Price said the attacks were against the spirit of a 2020 agreement. The Taliban had committed to talks on a accord that would lead to a “permanent and comprehensive ceasefire. All indications at least suggest the Taliban are instead pursuing a battlefield victory,” Price said on 11 August.

All gateways to Kabul, which lies in a valley surrounded by mountains, have been choked with civilians entering the city and fleeing violence elsewhere, a Western security sources said.

“The fear is of suicide bombers entering the diplomatic quarters to scare, attack and ensure everyone leaves at the earliest opportunity,” he said.

Now, foreign nations are ensuring that their diplomatic staff leave Kabul quickly and international airlines are being asked to evacuate staff.

The terrorists now control 65% of the country. On 11 August, Faizabad, in the northeastern province of Badakhshan became the eighth provincial capital to be seized by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, as Taliban advances across the country it has raised fears of a return to power of the hardline militants worrying the new generation of Afghans that the progress made in areas such as women`s rights and media freedom will be squandered.

Taliban gain control of Mi-24 attack helicopter India had gifted Afghan forces

Amid the Taliban blitz in capturing Afghanistan, the fighters have claimed that it has gained control of an attack helicopter that was gifted by India.

The Taliban claimed it had taken control of an Mi-24 attack helicopter donated by India to the Afghanistan forces. Photographs and videos emerged from Kanduz in Afghanistan showing Taliban fighters standing beside the helicopter.

However, the rotor blades of the attack helicopter were missing and reports have suggested that the Afghan forces may have removed them earlier in order to prevent the Taliban from using the chopper.

Back in 2019, India gifted the Mi-24 attack helicopters to the Afghan Air Force along with three light utility helicopters. The Mi-24 helicopters were given to the Afghans as a replacement for four attack helicopters that were gifted in 2015.

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