Thursday 28 October 2021
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Taliban kills child, suspecting father to be part of resistance

The resistance forces, who fought the Taliban for days since the terrorists seized Kabul, were defeated despite a spirited fight


The Taliban has executed a child in the Takhar province of Afghanistan as the terrorist regime suspected him to be the son of a member of the resistance force that put up a fight since the takeover.

Panjshir Observer reported through a tweet that the child was executed by the Taliban, sharing a video of the child lying dead in a pool of blood, with other children seen crying around the body.

“Child executed in Takhar province by Taliban fighters after his father is suspected of being in the Resistance,” said the tweet by Panjshir Observer. The horrific video attached to the tweet shows the child’s motionless body lying on a street while three other children weep sitting next to the body.

Demonstration of Islamic rule

The resistance forces, who fought the Taliban in the days since they took control of Kabul, have been defeated after they put up a spirited fight from the Panjshir valley.

However, the Taliban surrounded the armed resistance group from all directions and took control over Panjshir and gained complete power over Afghanistan.

Last week, the Taliban had killed and hanged the bodies of four alleged kidnappers in full public view in Herat to teach a lesson to Afghans that kidnapping will not be tolerated in the Taliban regime.

Horrific images of the four bodies hanging from cranes emerged on social where hundreds of Afghans were seen staring at the corpses.

On 27 September, the Taliban issued orders for barbers in the Helmand province asking them to stop shaving and trimming the beards of Afghans, saying these practices are against Islamic law. The new diktat said that the Afghans must stop following “American styles”.

The order, distributed on social networks, contains a warning not to play music or hymns on the premises of hairdressing salons, reported.

Afghan barbers in the area said the prohibition had made it more difficult for them to make a living because citizens were trying to “blend in” to escape Taliban terrorists.

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