Rajnath urges students to maintain dignity in life


Lucknow: Home Minister Rajnath Singh urged students to maintain “maryaada” (dignity) in life as he exhorted them to take a pledge to make India “Vishwa Guru”.

Addressing the 60th Convocation of Lucknow University here today, he said, “I am the Home Minister of India, even then I do not lower my dignity. Maintaining dignity in life helps a person to become great.”

Singh said, “The law of gravity and Pythagoras’s theorem were given by India to the world. There are many things which India had given to the world. All we have to do is to take a pledge to make India a ‘Vishwa Guru’ (mentor of world)…And to make India a ‘Vishwa Guru’, the youths have a major role to play.”

The home minister was also honoured with a honorary degree of DSc. Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik and Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma were present at the ceremony.

“I had even asked the vice-chancellor not to bestow upon me the honorary degree as I do not consider myself ‘laayak’ (worthy) of it. But, when the VC cited tradition, I agreed to it,” said Singh, who represents Lucknow in the Lok Sabha.

Laying emphasis on character building, he said, “In a person’s life, character plays a major role. I would like to tell the students not lower ‘maryaada’ (dignity) in their life…It helps make a person not only popular, but also respectable…This thought comes from education and some of its from the society.”

“Education builds character. As compared to Lord Ram, Ravana was more wealthy, stronger and more knowledgeable.

Despite this, Ravana got destroyed as there was a decline in his character,” he said.

Referring to a foreign newspaper article on tech giant Infosys versus terrorist organisation al-Qaeda, said, “In both the organisations, the youngsters work very hard. At one organisation, the youth work for the development of the country, while at Al-Qaeda, they work for destructive activities.”

The home minister added, “I am working in the political sphere. People would say that a person who is working in the political sphere is advising me…I know that in independent India, there is a difference in words and deeds of politicians, and this is the reason that there has been a fall in trust about the politicians among the public.”

“…But, you should not try to keep yourself isolated from the political system…I urge the youth to a pledge and restore politics which has lost its meaning and spirit. The youth must join politics of development, as we have to make India great. An India which is gyaanvaan (knowledgeable), dhanvaan (wealthy) and mahaan (great). We have to build an India, which can lead the world in terms of gyaan (knowledge) and vigyaan (science),” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks about making a “New India” and it will be achieved by making the country free of caste, poverty and corruption, he said.