Thursday 19 May 2022
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Tahir Hussain hid in Amanatullah Khan’s area, moved in SUV AAP had used for poll campaign

During his period of hiding, AAP Councillor Tahir Hussain used an alternative phone that the police are yet to recover from his known hideouts

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Councillor Tahir Hussain, after leaving Mustafabad following the riots, had been hiding in Zakir Nagar, an area in Okhla village, which is AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan’s constituency, in the last two days of February, say sources in the Crime Branch of Delhi Police. For two days, he stayed in the same area and continued to use his alternative mobile number. Police raided these places and the Tajpur area of ​​Amroha, but could not recover his phone.

The Crime Branch will present before the Karkardooma Court Tahir Hussain, accused of murdering IB employee during the riots of 24 February in north-east Delhi district. According to crime branch sources, Tahir left the Mustafabad area of ​​north-east Delhi on 27 February and. therefore, his claim that he was not among the rioters during the violence is not true.

During his period of hiding, Tahir was continuously using the same SUV, which a senior leader of the had been using during the election campaign although Tahir is the owner of the SUV.

Interestingly, while Tahir Hussain’s call detail record (CDR) had disclosed that he had called Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal nine times, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia 18 times and MLA Khan 56 times before the riots broke out, the police have not questioned these high-profile politicians yet.

The disgraced councillor is to be investigated also for the recovery of a woman’s body from a drain near his house, whose burnt undergarments were found in the basement of his residence.

According to crime branch sources, half a dozen of the suspects, seen indulging in arson with Tahir Hussain, have been identified in the video footage. These include Tahir’s half-brother Shah Alam.

However, the crime branch is still looking for Tahir’s mobile phone. The CDR of his mobile revealed that between 24 and 27 February, his location was the Mustafabad area. On 27 February, the last location of his phone was Zakir Nagar. After this, Tahir’s phone went off.

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