Tuesday 17 May 2022
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Tahir Hussain arrested, denied moral high ground of surrender

Tahir Hussain tried to influence public opinion by talking to a TV channel, after which he reached the court where he was arrested

The Crime Branch of Police today arrested AAP councillor Tahir Hussain, accused in three cases related to the Delhi riots. He had filed a surrender application in the Rouse Avenue court today, which the judge rejected, saying the hearing on this application does not constitute a jurisdiction.

During the hearing on the surrender application, Tahir Hussain’s lawyer had said that the court should either make an order or transfer the application to another court. The judge said it was not under the jurisdiction of that particular court. After this, as soon as Tahir went to the court’s parking lot, Crime Branch personnel arrested him.

The police team put him in their car and whisked him away to their office amid a media frenzy to talk to him. However, before getting arrested, he did speak to a television channel. The police saw him on the news channel and sprung into action.

The police team rushed to Rouse Avenue Court. Tahir Hussain reached the court too, where his application was to be heard.

Tahir’s name is registered in three cases related to the riots of last week. The team had been searching for him for several days, but he was absconding.

One of the three cases filed against Tahir is that of the lynching of Intelligence Bureau (IB) security assistant Ankit Sharma. The victim’s father alleged that his son was killed in Tahir Hussain’s house.

The autopsy report of Sharma said his body bore marks of 400 blows of “sharp objects” (knives probably). What is not clear is whether Tahir was on the spot at that time.

While talking to the television channel, Tahir Hussain denied all the allegations and said, “I was scared, so I did not surrender.” He added, “I am ready for a fair and honest investigation. I am ready for the narco test.”

The police will find out also whether he had a role to play in the murder of a woman whose burnt undergarments were found in the basement of his house.

The councillor is accused also of rioting due to the video evidence where he is seen wielding a stick and waving it at people from the roof of his house. Besides, there is material evidence against him in the form of ingeniously made catapults installed on the roof of his house, from where rioters were throwing burning projectiles at the people on the lane below the house.

The AAP has suspended Tahir Hussain but has not expelled him from the party.

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