Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Lok Sabha election: BJP breaks 2014 record

At the time of filing of this report, the NDA was leading in 328 of the seats. The UPA score (104) is less than that of the "others" (110)

Why on 23 May, vote counting, results will be delayed

The deputy election commissioner explained on television in an interview why it will take longer to arrive at the election results this time

Why EVM, VVPAT were found in a Muzaffarpur hotel

Opposition parties may have raised a hue and cry over EVM and units' recovery from a Muzaffarpur hotel, but the reason is not startling  

Electronic Voting Mandate from Supreme Court: ‘Not obliged’ to listen to opposition

The Supreme Court said it was not ready to interfere in the domain of the Election Commission. The opposition parties had demanded a 50% match of slips with EVM vote counts

Samajwadi Party: Pressing cycle button on EVM yields lotus on VVPAT

The chief electoral officer said about the complaint by the Samajwadi Party, 'A report in this case has been sought from the home department.'

Rs 2 is all it takes to challenge EVM after VVPAT, but…

If a voter is satisfied neither with the EVM nor with the VVPAT, a complaint can be lodged for Rs 2, but a false complaint can cost him dear