Sunday 7 March 2021
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Tag: Vodafone

Anil Ambani: From Status Of Tycoon To Insolvency

Study the career of Anil Ambani, and you will get a classic case of decisions you ought not take as a businessman and time you better utilise

Vodafone winding up India biz: Competition to Airtel jinxed?

The departure of Vodafone marks the third occasion after Essar Cellphone and Hutch when the original competitor of Airtel could not sustain

BSNL grabs opportunity thrown up by Jio: Call to earn

While Jio has decided to pass on the interconnection use charge to its customers, BSNL will pay its users 6 p/min if one talks for over 5 min

Call when unattended won’t make phone ring for 40 s

Reducing the time will increase the number of missed calls, which, in turn, will increase the number of calls as well as return calls: Airtel

Retrospective law would make India a pariah state: BRAIN

Taking strong exception to Rashtriya Swabhiman Andolan’s act of calling Finance Minister Arun Jaitley “Vodafone Minister” for...