Wednesday 19 January 2022
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Tag: VG Siddhartha

Singhvi ‘irresponsible, unethical’: Fellow lawyer condemns act of ‘politics over dead body’

Amitabh Sinha reacts with dismay to fellow professional Abhishek Manu Singhvi's tweets about the suicide of CCD head VG Siddhartha

Singhvi: Modi betrayed people who voted for hassle-free economy

'There is an old notion of government has no business in business and Modi in his pre-2014 election campaign made a big deal about it. Today he has absolutely betrayed the people who voted for him to see a robust, independent, hassle-free economy.'

Siddhartha confirmed dead; body found

The body of Café Coffee Day head VG Siddhartha, who had jumped off a river bridge, washed ashore near Ullal and was taken out by local fishermen

Siddhartha: I have failed as an entrepreneur

Siddhartha wrote in a letter. 'I'd like to say I gave it my all. I am very sorry to let down all the people who have put their trust in me.'