Saturday 31 July 2021
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Khan, unperturbed by plight of Uyghurs, ‘accepts Chinese version’

Imran had earlier refused to condemn or acknowledge the repression and torture that the Muslim Uyghur community faced in China in an interview with an American news website

Trump administration accuses China of genocide of Uyghurs

US-China ties plummeted to their lowest level in decades during Trump administration, and the declaration will ensure an especially difficult start to the Biden administration's relationship with

China Oppresses Muslims; Even Islamic Nations Look The Other Way

What has been happening in China for the past several decades is worse than dumping people Auschwitz-style and yet the comity of nations hardly speaks on the crackdown on Islamic in the Xinjiang province

Muslim brotherhood? Saudi Arabia, Turkey ignore Uyghurs

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan of another Muslim country Pakistan said he had no idea about the plight of the minority community in China
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