Wednesday 23 June 2021
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Tag: US

Chandrayaan-2: ‘World will watch landing on moon S pole’

"...Not just NASA, but the whole world would be interested in knowing about the moon..following Chandrayaan-2," the former NASA astronaut said

Apache to be ready for IAF attack, beginning 3 September

The IAF is organising an induction ceremony of Apache AH-64E helicopters at the Pathankot air force station on 3 September

Trump cautioned against making Pakistan US’s strategic partner

Soon to surpass China in being the world's most populous country, democratic India will boast the world's fifth-largest economy, which is a good long-term bet for Trump, Hass added

Trump advisor: US and China seeking to revive trade talks

Trump -- already campaigning for re-election in 2020 -- had decided to delay imposing the tariffs until 15 December so as not to cast a shadow on the Christmas shopping plans of Americans

Trump worried due to signs of recession ahead of 2020

Trump knows his own survival hinges on voters believing that he alone can prolong the economy's decade-plus expansion

Jammu and Kashmir reorganisation internal matter of India: Envoy

Socio-Economic benefits that go to the people of India also go to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, particularly the disadvantaged sections

Israel, US successfully test ballistic missile interceptor

In January, Israel said it also carried out a successful test with the United States of the Arrow-3 in Israel.

Trump’s proposal seeks to crack down on food stamp ‘loophole’

The proposed rule change, outlined this past week by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has highlighted the ideological clash between Trump's attempts to tighten government entitlement programs and efforts in some states to widen the social safety net.
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