Saturday 18 September 2021
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Tag: Unnao

उन्नाव में दो युवतियों की हत्या करके ढाबे के पीछे फेंके शव

पुलिस की जांच में युवतियों की हत्या के बाद शवों को यहां फेंके जाने और करीब 12-15 दिन पुराने शव होने की बात सामने आई है

‘Friday prayer alert’ across Uttar Pradesh

The administration is taking precautionary measures as Friday prayers have long been associated with provocative political speeches

Uttar Pradesh under siege: Riots against CAA claim 6 lives

The occasion of Friday namaz turned into an excuse to hold entire Uttar Pradesh to ransom, with police bearing the brunt of the attacks

Sengar imprisoned for life, fined Rs 25 lakh

Party hopper was held guilty recently for alluring a minor to his house to offer her a and then raping her

Sengar found guilty of kidnapping, rape; 4 cases pending

Kuldeep S Sengar was convicted under Sections 376, 5 (C) of the IPC and POCSO after his location served as clinching evidence

Justice That Is Instant Is Travesty

But neither the state nor can wash their hands off this social craving for settling scores in the name of doing justice to the victim

Unnao family offered compensation; UP Police still callous

While the family of the gang-rape and murder victim of Unnao was offered two houses, gun licence and a job, cops in the village turned away a victim of attempted rape