Saturday 29 January 2022
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Tag: unemployment

Data leak of unemployment figures psychs Modi govt

It is right that there was a data leak. Our survey result was to come out on 30 May 2019, but before that, the data was leaked.

Azim Premji varsity report: Unemployment-demonetisation correlation could not be established

There has been a huge surge in unemployment since 2011, says the Azim Premji University report even as it focusses on the period 2016-18

Eurozone unemployment falls to decade low of 8.2%

London: Unemployment across the 19-country eurozone has fallen to its lowest level since the most acute phase of...

घटते युवा बढ़ती बेरोजगारी

दुनिया में शायद भारत ऐसा अकेला देश है, जहां युवाओं की घटती संख्या के बावजूद बेरोजगारी का...

US job growth surges, unemployment rate falls to 18-year low

Washington: The US Bureau of Labour Statistics reported on Friday that the unemployment rate edged down to 3.8%...

2.3 crore people apply to Railways for 90,000 jobs

New Delhi: The Indian Railways has received more than 2.3 crore applications for nearly 90,000 jobs it...