Tuesday 19 January 2021
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Tag: trade war

India-US ‘2+2’ dialogue to fight China

How effective is the India-US collaboration going to be against Chinese aggression, given the American insistence on a military alliance for direct intervention in a situation of war?

‘China stole US intellectual property to emerge as military power’

This statement from US President Donald Trump comes in the wake of China increasing its military spending by 7% to $ 152 billion to deal with an increasing American presence in the disputed South China Sea region

China removes several US products from tariff list

The Customs Tariff Commission of China released 2 lists , including seafood products and anti-cancer drugs, which will be free of tariffs

Trade war has cost China trillions of dollars, 3 million jobs

China and the US have been locked in a bitter trade war since last year, imposing tit-for-tat tariffs on goods worth billions of dollars