Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Tag: Tihar Jail

Tihar gives Akshay, Vinay last chance to meet family

Mukesh and Pawan met their families before 1 February; Akshay and Vinay have been asked when they want to meet their families: Tihar officer

Death warrant for tormentors of Nirbhaya issued anew

The convicts will be hanged on 1 February even as AAP and BJP governments blame each other for the delay in executing the death sentence

India Not Ready For End To Death Penalty

India hardly has an efficient apparatus of governance, but if this is what we have, we must live with the death of a killer by a court order

Chidambaram gets bail, Mehta’s arguments to no avail

grants relief to UPA-era Home/Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the money-laundering case, but he can't travel abroad without permission

Chidambaram on being denied bail again: Am I Ranga-Billa?

Lawyer Kapil Sibal, speaking for client P Chidambaram in the court, said the former minister was being treated like infamous killers of 1978