Saturday 23 October 2021
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Tag: The Indian Express

Anand Kumar of Super 30 fame in the dock or saved again?

While the Gauhati High Court says it cannot ascertain the veracity of the case against Anand Kumar from there, media archives do not spare him

‘Lutyens’ media’ in PM Modi’s line of fire as he explains why Rajiv’s misuse of INS Viraat was recalled

Modi insinuated the Lutyens' media is disturbed by the issue of Rajiv Gandhi's misuse of INS Viraat as its interest lied in promoting Rahul

‘Was paid Rs 300 to insert those pamphlets about Atishi’

This claim by a vendor is, however, unconfirmed, as the report later quotes an official of the Newspaper Vendor Association who denies such pamphlets were distributed