Sunday 4 December 2022
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Tag: Syria

Baghdadi ‘killed’ finally? Trump narrates how

There have been reports of death of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi on several occasions; he surfaced in the pink of health after every rumour

Kurdish fighters strike deal with Syria to take on Turkey

The Kurdish administration said on Sunday that they had reached an agreement with the Syrian army; under the pact, the Syrian army will be deployed along the border regions to thwart further Turkish attacks

Tanker seized by Iran: 7 Indian crew members to be released

Mousavi said the captain of the ship decided seven crew members who are Indian nationals would be the ones to leave the seized oil tanker

Citizenship revoked; ‘Jihadi Jack’ lashes out at UK

Letts said that "stripping me of British citizenship and not stripping me is the same thing at the end of the day. It's not something I recognise."

Canada ‘disappointed’ by British decision on Jihadi Jack

"Canada is disappointed that the United Kingdom has taken this unilateral action to off-load their responsibilities," a statement from Goodale said in a rare rebuke of Canada's ally

Al Qaeda remains resilient, continues to cooperate closely with LeT: UN report

Al Qaeda continues to cooperate closely with Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Haqqani Network, function as military and religious instructors

Kashmiri who joined ISIS in American custody in Syria

Kashmiri youth Adil Ahmad migrated to ISIS-controlled Syria under the pretext of working for an NGO and married a Dutch who also had joined the terror group

ISIS wiped out but vestige dangerous enough

History of the rise and fall of Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi who founded the ISIS, also known as ISIL or just IS

Trump warns Turkey of economic devastation if it attacks Kurds

New Delhi: US President Donald Trump warned Turkey on Sunday of economic devastation if it attacked Kurdish forces following the American forces' pullout from Syria....

Syria was lost long ago, says Trump, declaring US pullout will be slow

Washington, DC: The US would pull out its troops from Syria slowly over a period of time and will protect its Kurdish allies, President...