Thursday 29 October 2020
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BJP & AAP: Differences Other Than Scale?

One is big, the other small. On morality, they are both questionable. Ideology is a differentiator, but the party ruling at the centre has work to do on that front too.

CBI warns neighbour who spoke about Sushant-Rhea 13 June meeting

Quoting the neighbour, the report had said: “The person told me this in June itself before any of this had gone to CBI or even before Rhea had said anything

Kangana to Swara: I’ll return awards if proven wrong in Sushant case

Kangana replied in a tweet: है मेरा इंटर्व्यू अगर याददाश्त कमज़ोर हो तो फिर से देखें, अगर मैंने एक भी झूठा या ग़लत आरोप लगाया हो, तों मैं अपने सारे अवार्डस वापिस कर दूँगी

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