Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Tag: suicide

Kartik Aaryan — Yet Another Sushant?

The mucky cesspool of jihadis and criminals will work overtime to make sure that this young man will either leave the industry of his own accord or eventually be pushed into such depression that his life may soon become too difficult for him to continue with it

Sushant death related to drugs? NCB files charge sheet

The charge sheet has gone beyond Sushant Singh Rajput's death and traced the trail of narcotics — its sourcing and then distribution — in Mumbai

Pooja Chavan suicide leads to resignation of Sanjay Rathod

Rathod’s name had surfaced in connection with the death of Pooja who allegedly ended her life by jumping off a building in Pune on 8 February

झारखंड में माँ के ईसाई बनने से आहत किशोर ने की आत्महत्या

झारखंड में लालच देकर धर्मांतरण का खेल ईसाई मिशनरियों द्वारा खेला जा रहा है, जनजातीय समूहों को खास तौर पर निशाना बनाया जा रहा है
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