Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Tag: Stephen Hawking

Jiya Vaducha: 11-year-old Indian-origin Mensa topper in UK

From a very young age, Jiya displayed characteristics of someone with a high intellect: Bijal, mother  

Black holes don’t make dark matter: Hawking challenged

An international team of researchers has put a theory speculated by the late Stephen Hawking to its most rigorous to date, and their results have ruled out the possibility that primordial black holes smaller than a tenth of a millimetre make up most of the dark matter.

Politicians, tech giants condole Hawking’s death on Twitter

New Delhi: Twitterverse today stood testament to how the British physicist Stephen Hawking touched lives of people...

Hawking’s Indian student remembers cosmology’s brightest star

New Delhi: Physically bound to the wheelchair, Stephen Hawking reached out into the depths of the universe with...

British scientist Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

London: World famous British scientist Stephen Hawking, modern cosmology's brightest star known for his groundbreaking work with black...