Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Tag: smuggling

Pakistan-bound Chinese vessel carrying missile launcher?

When the customs department contacted the DRDO, the latter found an autoclave in the vessel which can be used to launch missiles

Cancer aggravates due to Bangladeshi drugs

Cancer drugs, like other drugs, are sold not through retailers but distributors; it will be easy to identify the people in the business

Rohingya drug peddlers torment Bangladesh, 1 shot dead

As many as 186 people have died on the right and wrong side of the law in the encounters between security forces and Rohingya drug peddlers

Smugglers from Bihar, UP, as much as from Bengal, circulating fake notes from Bangladesh

The arrest of Baitullah of Kishanganj, Bihar, in Bengal is a part in the series of arrests in Delhi and Varanasi of counterfeit note smugglers