Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Tag: slowdown

India to beat Germany, become 4th largest economy in 2026

Referring to the target set by PM Narendra Modi for a $ 5 trillion economy by 2024, the CEBR report said India can achieve this goal by 2026

GDP figures stun investors; market loses momentum

Even before the government could release the GDP figures for the second quarter, the SBI prediction of a 4.2% growth rate spooked the market

Slowdown Has Reasons Other Than GST, Demonetisation

When all economic sectors decline, the mood of the market turns sombre, turning investors all the more reluctant to pump in money; the interdependence of industries means that the slowdown suffered by one would affect many

Slowdown? Movies earned Rs 120 crore in 1 day: Prasad

Prior to Prasad, Deputy Chairman of NITI Aayog Rajiv Kumar had denied the economy had been hit by a slowdown, defying all data and assessment

Raghuram Rajan: Slowdown owes to inability to identify new vistas of development

The Indian economy has slowed down remarkably after performing well for the last several years: RBI Raghuram Rajan while delivering the OP Jindal lecture at Brown University

मंदी — अगस्त में आठ प्रमुख उद्योगों का उत्पादन 0.5% घटा

आंकड़ों पर टिप्पणी करते हुए रेटिंग फर्म इक्रा (ICRA) ने कहा कि अगस्त 2019 में कोर सेक्टरों का प्रदर्शन निराशाजनक रूप से कमज़ोर था

Economy Under Modi: The Worm Always Turns

As an emerging economy, though even now in the top ten, if 5% were to become the annual figure instead of just the latest quarter, we have to see it through the prism of the embedded growth propulsion in our