Wednesday 20 October 2021
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Tag: Senate

Green Card without country cap: US passes bill; India to benefit

Lifting per-country cap would mainly benefit professionals from countries like India, for whom the wait for Green Card is more than a decade

Kamala Harris raises $ 23 million in 6 months

Kamala launched her campaign on January 21 with a promise to reject money from corporate political action committees and federal lobbyists.

Senate passes legislation to give India NATO ally-like status

The bill would be signed into law after both the chambers of the US Congress – the House of Representatives and the Senate – passes it

Bill moved in US senate to bring India on a par with NATO allies

The necessary amendment to the United States Arms Control Act has been moved by Senators Mark Warner, a Democrat, and John Cornyn, a Republican

Donald Trump on partial govt: ‘I’m all alone in White House’

Washington, DC: Bored at the White House on Christmas Eve, a lone Donald Trump spent the day...