Friday 22 October 2021
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Tag: Sanjay Gandhi

Modi 2.0 checklist post-Ram Mandir, CAB, Article 370

PM Modi had said at an election rally recently that the people should expect from his second government things that were hitherto unthinkable

Giriraj Singh wrong in donning the mantle of Sanjay Gandhi?

Singh, who favours disenfranchisement of those who sire more than two children, can't be proven wrong until pop data offer a communal break-up

कांग्रेस की मांग बेतुकी — मधुर भंडारकर

मुंबई — फ़िल्म इंदु सरकार के निर्माता-निर्देशक मधुर भंडारकर ने मुंबई कांग्रेस के अध्यक्ष संजय निरुपम की उस...