Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Tag: Rajiv Gandhi

Rao not alone, Rajiv, VP ‘lacked will’ to save Babri structure too

The then home secretary has alleged in his book that Gandhi let the two sides turn stubborn, Singh wouldn't move while Rao rejected the plan

Rajiv assassin Nalini’s plea on premature release dismissed

Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by an LTTE suicide bomber on 21 May 1991, during an election rally near Sriperumbudur

Rajiv Gandhi birth anniversary: Congress leaders pay tributes

An audio clip from one of Rajiv Gandhi speeches and the devotional song 'Vaishnava Jan To' were playing in the background.

Nalini granted one-month parole on ‘humanitarian’ ground

Nalini, lodged in the in Vellore for last over 27 years, had sought 6 months leave to make arrangements for marriage of her daughter

Because Congress cannot dump dynasty…

The path ahead for the oldest party of the country that cannot offer an ideological alternative to Narendra Modi's BJP either is despondency until extinction

Aiyar back, says description of Modi as ‘neech’ was ‘prophetic’

Using issues of Balakot airstrike and Modi's allegation that Rajiv Gandhi had used INS Viraat as a 'private taxi', Aiyar ranted in The Print through a no-holds-barred article

‘Lutyens’ media’ in PM Modi’s line of fire as he explains why Rajiv’s misuse of INS Viraat was recalled

Modi insinuated the Lutyens' media is disturbed by the issue of Rajiv Gandhi's misuse of INS Viraat as its interest lied in promoting Rahul

Rajiv Gandhi used INS Viraat as ‘private taxi’: PM Modi picks story from media archive dug out by Twitter user

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled from a magazine report that recently resurfaced on Twitter that Rajiv Gandhi, his relatives and friends had used Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat for a holiday near Lakshadweep in 1987

PM Modi: This is how Rahul Gandhi ‘loves’ me

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday counted the abuses from ‘gutter worm’ to ‘Gangu Teli’, from ‘mad dog’ to ‘merchant of death’ that opposition leaders mouthed to refer to him

Haji Haroon, with Congress for generations, to contest against Rahul Gandhi

Haji Mohammed Haroon Rashid asks if nothing is wrong, why the Congress is performing so poorly in the Assembly elections in Amethi