Sunday 26 September 2021
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Tag: Rajeev Dhavan

Contempt of court by Bhushan: His response more derogatory, says SC

Rajeev Dhavan, Prashant Bhushan's advocate, said if his client was guilty of contempt of the court, so are Justices Lokur, Kurian Joseph and AP Shah, and also journalists like Arun Shourie who issue statements of a similar nature from time to time

Muslim side has a ‘teething’ problem in empanelling Dhavan

A Muslim party to the dispute might add Rajeev Dhavan subsequently, but they are ill at ease putting up with his intemperation

Dhavan: It’s always Hindus who disturb communal harmony

Advocate for the Muslim side in the case Rajeev Dhavan today branded Hindus as aggressors in an interview with a channel

Dhavan tears apart document submitted by Hindu side

On the last day of hearings in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land title dispute case, Rajeev Dhavan lost his cool when Hindu Mahasabha advocate Vikas Singh was arguing on the basis of Kishore Kunal's book Revisited

Hindu side replies: Time to correct wrongs of Babur

After bombarding Parasaran with questions, CJI Gogoi asked Rajeev Dhavan, a lawyer of the Muslim side, whether the bench had asked the Hindu side enough questions

Muslim party wants Ayodhya of period 1854-1992 back

The Muslim party argued in the Supreme Court today that the government had been providing a grant for the mosque since 1854 even though it was a conglomerate of princely states had captured by the East India company that was ruling the region until 1857

AIMPLB: Won’t give anyone ‘land of Babri Masjid’

While the AIMPLB expressed satisfaction at the way Rajeev Dhavan was arguing the Muslim case for Ayodhya, the demolition theory they refused to believe in is supported by archaeological findings whose authenticity the advocates for the Muslim party to the dispute have accepted