Sunday 19 September 2021
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Modi: Made CAA for Dalits; law not about Indian Muslims

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today defended the amendment of the citizenship law vehemently: 16 salient points from his speech in Delhi

No alliance with Congress, but understanding, says Yechury

Hyderabad: Sitaram Yechury was unanimously elected CPI(M) general secretary on Sunday after weeks of uncertainty. Towards the end...

विलुप्त होती प्रजाति वामपंथियों की

त्रिपुरा में अप्रत्याशित हार के बाद माकपा नेता वृंदा करात जी पत्रकारों के बीच कह रही थी...

Destruction of statues shows intolerant approach of BJP: Karat

New Delhi: The demolition of communist icon Lenin's statues in Tripura and disfiguring a statute of Periyar...