Wednesday 19 January 2022
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Tag: planet

Second planet of young star in Milky Way discovered

The newly discovered planet, b Pictoris c, completes its orbit roughly every 1,200 days. Like its big sister b Pictoris b, which was discovered by Lagrange and her team in 2009, it is a gassy giant

Two earth-like planets just 12.5 light years away

'We have been observing this star for three years to look for periodic variations in its velocity,' said Mathias Zechmeister,, a researcher.

Life on earth older than what previous discoveries suggested

Chicago: The earth hosted life much earlier than thought, according to scientists who found that the planet...

100 new exoplanets found; looking for ‘2nd earth’

Lyngby, Denmark: "We started out analyzing 275 candidates of which 149 were validated as real exoplanets. In...

India committed to protecting environment, says PM

 New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India is committed to protecting the environment and is doing...