Wednesday 19 January 2022
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Tag: physics

Chinese ‘sun’: What the device is, how it will work

It's a device that aims at harnessing that part of the natural sun's energy that does not make it to the earth

Alakh Pandey: Prayagraj guy whose physics tutorials take world by storm

With a modest familial background, the tutoring genius from Prayagraj found coaching centres so expensive that he thought of making it affordable to others, refusing offers from tutorial businesses when they were impressed by his teaching techniques online

World switches to new kg, ampere, Kelvin, mole

The switch from physical artefacts to quantum standards was necessary because the former undergoes wear and tear, thus affecting what quantities the units represent

Draw power from temperature swings

Massachusetts, Cambridge: Thermoelectric devices, which can generate power when one side of the device is a different...

Light can disseminate information

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Try a quick experiment. Take two flashlights into a dark room and shine them so...