Wednesday 27 January 2021
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Tag: Parliament

सेंट्रल विस्टा परियोजना सुप्रीम कोर्ट को मंज़ूर; नए संसद भवन के निर्माणकार्य से बाधा हटी

सरकार ने न्यायालय को आश्वासन दिया था कि इस परियोजना को चुनौती देने वाली याचिकाओ का निबटारा होने तक निर्माण कार्य या इमारतों को गिराने या पेड़ों को काटने जैसा कोई काम नहीं किया जायेगा

Lok Sabha passes bill to cut salaries of MPs by 30%

The Lok Sabha today passed a bill to reduce for one year the salaries of MPs by...

Will Supreme Court turn SC/ST Act stringent again?

On 30 January, the Supreme Court court had refused to stay amendments to the SC/ST Act that restored the no anticipatory bail provision

Triple talaq is now a punishable offence in India

The Rajya Sabha passed the triple talaq Bill by a 99-84 margin, aided by the abstention of JD(U), AIADMK, TRS and absence of many opposition MPs

Adhir question to Modi: How come Sonia, Rahul in Parliament (not in jail)?

Leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury cited some accusations against his party's heads to question the authenticity of PM Modi's election-time allegations