Monday 1 March 2021
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Tag: opposition

Congress Chief, Change Your Team, Stop Negativity

The coterie of Congress president Rahul Gandhi has guided him in the wrong direction for the past five years, and it continues to do so ― to the utter misfortune of Indian democracy that is deprived of a serious, viable opposition

Pathetic opposition refuses to learn what India needs

With an opposition that impresses with neither economic nor social ideas, Modi-led BJP is set to rule unchallenged, and that is bad news for Indian democracy

Congress wouldn’t demand LoP position but expects it

The DMK with 23 seats, with TR Baalu as its Lok Sabha leader; YSR Congress Party and All India Trinamool Congress have 22 seats each, fall far short of the cut-off mark of 55 too. Hence, no party technically qualifies to get the LoP position.

Sonia back to forging opposition unity as Rahul left job unattended

Party president Rahul Gandhi did not work towards building the confidence of opposition leaders in the Congress’s ability to act as a glue for the mutually disparate forces, said a source

Awami League’s sweep in election virtually strips Bangladeshi democracy of opposition

Dhaka: Uncertainty prevailed over the opposition structure in the 300-member Bangladesh parliament as the BNP and its...

BJP questions Mahagathbandhan: Most opposition parties believe Mamata-led TMC will be an unreliable ally

New Delhi: BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha Wednesday mocked the Trinamool Congress (TMC) for "vying to play an...

उपचुनावों में बीजेपी की पराजय पर विरोधी जश्न कितना जायज?

कर्नाटक विधानसभा चुनावों के बाद लोकसभा की चार व विधानसभा की दस सीटों पर हुए उपचुनावों में...

Result Of By-poll-ar Disorder In Country

The message from the results of the by-elections is neither wholly positive nor wholly negative for the...