Monday 18 January 2021
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Tag: Om Birla

सेंट्रल विस्टा परियोजना सुप्रीम कोर्ट को मंज़ूर; नए संसद भवन के निर्माणकार्य से बाधा हटी

सरकार ने न्यायालय को आश्वासन दिया था कि इस परियोजना को चुनौती देने वाली याचिकाओ का निबटारा होने तक निर्माण कार्य या इमारतों को गिराने या पेड़ों को काटने जैसा कोई काम नहीं किया जायेगा

Rahul Gandhi’s absence exposes funny AI of cameras in LS

When Congress MP K Suresh spoke from the seat designated to Rahul Gandhi, the Lok Sabha LED screen flashed a misrepresentative caption

Azam Khan apologises for his sexist remarks

Azam Khan had to repeat his apology twice in the House, a visibly peeved Devi said the member has the habit of uttering derogatory words.

Birla elected Speaker, PM Modi escorts him to chair

The story of how Om Birla, the new Lok Sabha Speaker, drew close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah while also being liked in the rank and file of the RSS  

Om Birla unanimous choice as Lok Sabha Speaker?

the Congress did not sign the proposal but did not oppose the candidature of Om Birla either, according to Union minister Prahlad Joshi